Provide your members with access to expert clinical obesity care

FORM delivers evidence-based, physician led obesity care that helps members achieve their weight loss goals and manage comorbidities while maximizing results and ROI for the employer.

Obesity is a prevalent condition with comorbidities that drive significant healthcare cost


Obesity affects over 40% of US adults


Obesity was recognized as a disease by the American Medical Association in 2013


Weight related medical conditions


Customize an obesity program to align with your goals and budget

The FORMfit™ approach enables employers to make GLP-1s available without exposing themselves to uncontrolled costs. The FORMfit approach establishes severity thresholds to ensure the right participants receive the right intervention, including access to GLP-1s.


Expert clinical care model

Patients receive 1:1 care from an American Board of Obesity Medicine Physician and Registered Dietitian who develop a personalized plan that addresses weight related medical conditions, provides lifestyle and behavioral interventions, includes FDA-approved medication, as appropriate.

In-network with major health plans

  • An Insurance Provider
  • An Insurance Provider
  • An Insurance Provider
  • An Insurance Provider

Meaningful clinical outcomes

Patients lose 13% of their starting body weight in 12 months and 16% in 18 months, on average. Patients experience improved health as a result of weight loss. In fact, 17% of patients stopped a medication used to treat a weight related medical condition like high blood pressure.

Obesity care that delivers ROI

Rx cost savings, direct medical claims, and indirect costs.

Rx Cost savings
Direct cost avoidance through appropriate prescribing

Direct Medical Claims
Weight loss and obesity reduction directly reduce medical claims

Indirect Costs
Savings in disability claims, workers compensation, and productivity.


Convenient virtual care

The high intensity care proven to drive results is accessible through frequent video visits with the Physician and Registered Dietitian and unlimited messaging between visits. Patients access weight and food tracking tools along with education content through the FORM app.

Bring FORM to your team

Let’s work together to help your members with obesity access quality care so they can achieve their weight and health goals. FORM contracts with employers to define performance goals and puts fees at risk. 

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